S61 Lance Aux Epines Hillcrest house for sale grenada 1.jpg
Ref# S61

Lance Aux Epines Hillcrest

21, 780 sq ft - EC$2,700,000.00

A beautiful family home situated in a safe, friendly and highly sought after residential area.


The property consists of a 3 split level reinforced concrete residential structure with a total footage of approximately 6, 491 Sq. Ft.

Unit one is a one storey unit approximately 1,952 Sq. Ft. It consists of a veranda, dining area, a living area, a kitchen, a study nook, three bedrooms including one master with an ensuite bathroom, a shared bathroom, an open laundry area and a covered garage.


Unit  two is a two bedroom apartment unit of approximately 1,668 Sq. Ft. constructed on a split system design with the living, dining, kitchen and laundry located on the lower level and two master bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms located on the upper level.


Unit three is two storey apartment unit that contains a two bedroom apartment with  a shared bathroom,  living, dining and kitchen on each floor. The total area is approximately 2,590 Sq. Ft.


From Unit 3 there is a view of True Blue Bay and the St. Georges University with Glovers Island in the distance.