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mt rose s73.jpg

Mt Rose Lot A

Ref# S73

Mt Rose Lot A - 104,329 Sq. Ft. EC$7 per sq ft - EC$678,138.50

Mt Rose lot A S73.jpg
mt rose s73.jpg

Approximately two and a half acres of prime, fertile land at Mt Rose

This is a beautiful well cultivated lot for a farmer or nature lover that enjoys living on rich fertile soil, surrounded my lush vegetation and trees.  At the same time the property borders the main road to Sauteurs and Grenville, making it extremely accessible.


There are a secondary and primary school within 5 minutes walking distance.  The famous Bathway Beach and Levera Beach are only about 10 and 15 minutes drive away.  Grocery shopping can be done in the community shops or at Sauteurs and Grenville that are both about 15 minutes away. 

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