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St Andrew - Land for Sale

Dunfermline Heights - between 10,000 & 15,000 sq ft available @ EC$10 per sq ft

 Ref# S71
s71 views.jpg

High in the beautiful suburbs of Grenville, this gently sloping, roadside plot has cool breezes and spectacular views with all utilities in place.

Just a few miles from Grenville, situated in a quiet and friendly neighborhood high above Dunfermline, this lovely plot is already planted with fruit trees and perfect for building your dream home.  Easy access to main road to Grenville and close to the village of Paraclete. A very peaceful and scenic spot.


Contact Agent Jeff for more information on + 1 473 456 5559

Simon View - 7 Acs. 3Rds. 00Pls - EC$1,200,000.00 

 Ref# S63
Simon View1.jpg

Amazingly beautiful land, great price, huge development potential, close to shops and residential areas

Just over 7 acres of beautiful land with seafront areas available within a few miles of Grenville.  Fantastic views all round.  Would make a perfect commercial or residential development project.

Contact Agent Shadel for more information on + 1 473 533 9525

Bay Road - 33,289 Sq Ft - EC$199,734 

 Ref# S18
bay road S18 land for sale st andrew grenada2.jpg

Great views, amazing countryside close to all amenities, ideal for your dream home

A beautiful lot with a lovely sea view situated in the village of Conference, St. Andrew, off the Conference main road from Sauteurs to Grenville. The land is ideal for farming and great for residential use. It is about 20 minutes from Sauteurs and 12 minutes from Grenville. The owner is open to subdividing the lot into 2.

Contact Agent Shadel for more information on + 1 473 533 9525

Ahoma - 10 Acres available - Price per acre EC$220,000/US$82,000 

 Ref# S11
Ahoma property 6.jpg

Clean, green, well-located land available, perfect for residential or tourism development
Close to shops, services, schools and the village of Tivoli and a few minutes from the main road to Grenville, all utilities ready.  Beautiful sea views. Clean country living.

Contact Agent Shadel for more information on + 1 473 533 9525

 Ref# S05

Simon - 43, 560 sq ft - EC$270,000/US$100,000

simon 4.jpg

Beautiful mostly flat land with old house and all amenities and utilities

This large and well planted plot of land offers the ideal opportunity for development.  Close to Grenville and all shops and services as well as local amenities


Contact Agent Shadel for more information on + 1 473 533 9525

Mt Horne Development - 12 lots - total of 178,340  Sq. Ft - EC$6.50 per sq ft

 Ref# S43
land for sale mt horne st andrew grenada

Great prospects, rich soil, gorgeous sea and mountain views

This roadside land can be purchased as one lot, or as individual lots.  The land is well cultivated with cocoa, and other crops and has access to all amenities including electricity, water, and cable.  It is located about 3 miles from the town of Grenville and represents great value for money and a fantastic development opportunity.

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