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Ref# S11

Ahoma - 10 Acres available - Price per acre EC$220,000/US$82,000 

Ten acres of clean, green, prime residential land ready for residential or tourism development.  All utilities ready, close to main Grenville road and all services. 

Beautiful sea views.

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  • This new development is half a mile from the center of the vibrant village of Tivoli, one mile from La. Poterie, and two miles from the village of Hermitage. 

  • Tivoli is situated between the towns of Grenville and Sauteurs on a thriving bus route convenient for commuting to work, schools, banks, post offices or shopping.  Within the local area there are many grocery shops and bars,  a gas station, a bakery, tyre shop, hardware, a post office along with a medical station.

  • Tivoli is also well known for its enriching cultural and entertainment offerings including Ameridian artefacts, the Tivoli drummers, the Panchoo Indian drummers and dancers, annual Saraca celebrations revived by Moonlight City and the reputed tours of Belmont Estate and River Antoine Estate.

  • At its centre, Tivoli has a beautiful Catholic Church adjacent to the Sacred Heart RC school.  Several other churches can be found within a 2-mile radius; Anglican, Seventh Day Adventists, Seventh Day Church of God, Pentacostal, Evangilical, Roman Catholic and Baptists. 

  • Hermitage boasts similar amenities, medical station and businesses as well as a Police Station.

  • There are two major tourism attractions in the community, the Award Winning Belmont Estate Agri-tourism destination and the historic River Antoine Estate.  Both the facilities offer tours and restaurants. 

  • The village of Sauteurs within a few miles also offers all major services and immenities along with schools and Mc Donald & T. A. Marryshow Colleges.

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